Here’s What Makes Magento An Excellent E-Commerce Platform!


Your search for the finest E-Commerce platform might have brought before you many results. Magento, which is at present the most popular one in the US, would have been definitely one among those results. If you do not have much idea about Magento, have a brief look at the details of the magento agency london here.

Magento has got a lot of exciting and beneficial features. Those features pertaining to content management systems are the most important ones. Magento E-Commerce platform is flexible in all respects. It is modular, extendable, scalable, upgradable and what not! This flexibility is exactly the reason why Magento is preferred over others. According to, such highly beneficial ECommerce platforms are widely used by many successful entrepreneurs.

Magento- An overview!
Magento has two basic editions:
· Community Edition- This is free and open source. This edition is ideal for learning and the target audience of this edition is mainly developers and technology passionate business persons. This edition is not suitable for working on large scale websites having many products. Instead of technical support, this edition has a community-based support where users can help each other.
· Enterprise edition- This edition can handle large websites effectively. Enterprise edition allows the integration of back-end systems. Full page caching, re-indexing and other similar techniques are implemented which enable faster loading of web pages. The license for this edition is cheaper when compared to other platforms. In short, this edition of Magento is time and money saving!

Why Magento?
The great performance, scalability and insight into the details resulting in the success of any e-commerce venture are all attractive features of Magento. Shopper analytics can be efficiently used to define custom dimensions and metrics which make tracking easier. There are support tools to make sure that you get quick solution for any issues you encounter.

Magento Enterprise Edition-Top new features
There is a Visual Merchandiser which is a visual drag and drop interface that can update different categories.
The new edition is enriched with “Swatch” capabilities to deal with a vast range of product features thereby giving more product information.

Mobile friendliness:
The design is enhanced with responsive themes and features such as responsive templates for emails.

The Shopper analytics feature enables businesses to define custom dimensions and metrics for tracking.
The comprehensive reports provided by the support tools help the support group to diagnose technical problems easily.

Support for MySQL 5.6 and PHP 5.5 guarantees better performance.
This allows product updates by many administrators at the same time.

A few statistics!
According to the recent statistics, Magento remains to be most renowned E-commerce platform. Let us see!

· The total number of sites making use of Magento (Community edition) within Alexa has increased by 13.5 %

· Magento with its community and enterprise edition takes a 30% of the total market share of Alexa.

· Google trends have rated Magento as the most popular platform in the US.

Final note!
Magento is a very beneficial E-commerce platform which is sure to assist you in your path towards business success. Try it and enjoy the benefits!